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Our Practice Areas

When someone violates a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, the victim may be entitled to recover money from the person who violated their rights. This is called a “Constitutional Tort” and it is filed under Sections 1983 and 1988 of the United States Code. We are familiar with Section 1983 actions and can assist you in determining how to best protect your rights and compensate you for any violations.

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A criminal record is public and easily discovered by employers, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Some can even deny you important Constitutional rights like the right to vote, the right to own and carry a firearm, or certain 4th Amendment protections. We can help you annul/expunge your criminal record—restoring your lost rights and eliminating the need to divulge it on job applications or elsewhere.

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Bankruptcy is an option for those in need of financial relief, but it may not be the most practical one. We’ll help you select the right solution for your personal needs and current financial situation—extinguishing all debts under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code or selecting a “get-back-on-track” under Chapter 13. We also assist in a business reorganization under Chapter 11. Call our offices today to set up your free consultation.

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We’ll guide you through New Hampshire’s complex Worker’s Compensation statute, helping you understand claims based on employees’ rights, and advocating for your rights in NH Employment Security administrative proceedings. We also assist with hiring, firing, and employment contracts.

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Most homeowners are unaware of the rights they have to stop a foreclosure in its tracks.  There are a variety of defenses you can raise and alternatives to foreclosure you can pursue. Don’t surrender to the banks just yet.  Let us help you navigate the complex legal issues relating to foreclosure.  We will ensure you use all tools at your disposal to protect you, your family, and your home.

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New Hampshire and Federal laws protect those who are sexually harassed in the workplace. Employers must ensure a work environment free of harassment so if an employee or customer engages in sexual harassment, your employer has to end it.

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Unfortunately, not all marriages last forever. Having a prenuptial agreement gives you control of your future. We can help you create a contract determining how you and your future spouse want to structure your marital agreements. Simply signing a prenuptial agreement doesn’t always protect you. We’ll guide you through the proper steps, minimizing the risk that a future court could disregard your agreement.

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A will ensures your property goes to the people you care about, not to the state or distant relatives. It reduces the risk of family turmoil, disputes over assets, and the guilt and stress that often accompanies closing up an estate. To ensure you receive the treatment and care you would want if you can no longer speak for yourself, we also recommend having a durable power of attorney.

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Our experienced and aggressive trial attorneys will get you the money you deserve.

We will help you navigate the complexities of personal injury claims and represent you in court if needed. 

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We represent clients facing misdemeanors, felonies, DUIs, domestic violence charges, and more.

When you are charged with a crime, your freedom, driver’s license, reputation, and Constitutional rights are at stake. We represent clients facing misdemeanors, felonies, DUIs, domestic violence, appeals, homicide, gun crimes, criminal threatening, and more. 

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Providing legal representation for what matters most.

Divorce, custody battles, and other family law cases can be complex and very difficult to endure. Our attorneys will guide you through the process, develop the most appropriate and effective legal strategy, and negotiate and advocate on your behalf. 

Legal Expertise with You in Mind

Legal Services in New Hampshire

The attorneys at Martin & Hipple have over 25 years of combined experience representing their clients’ interests in New Hampshire and Federal courts. They have a proven track record of meeting client goals and expectations, litigating and resolving legal disputes, and providing counsel on important and complex legal issues.

Get the Legal Help You Need and Deserve

If you need a lawyer, you’re likely experiencing many emotions—from fear and worry to anxiety, anger, and frustration. You may be worried about your future, or that of your family. You might even be in physical pain. Our legal team will provide the legal support you need, protecting your best interests with dedication and integrity. 

What Sets us Apart from Other Firms? 

At Martin & Hipple, we understand that quality representation requires more than just an understanding of the law. Our commitment to our clients and our craft means we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards, and provide practical advice clearly and plainly.

Experience and Results

With over 25 years of combined legal experience, we are an established litigation firm. We have a proven record and reputation as a reliable, results-driven legal team, maximizing results for our clients throughout New Hampshire, and earning their trust.

Communication and Support

One of our core values is that our clients should always understand what we are doing and why. We provide every client with detailed monthly invoices showing exactly what has been done in your case. At a minimum, you will hear from us at least once per month so long as your case is active.

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We understand that the legal system can be confusing and overwhelming. We take the time to make sure that you understand everything we are working on and why. We speak to you plainly and answer your questions directly.


New Hampshire attorneys Stephen Martin and Seth Hipple take a different approach to running a law firm.

Reviews for Martin & Hipple


Ryan Bliss

We hired Steve Martin to handle our case and we could not have been happier with both the result (he won multiple judgements for us) and how he interacted with us (very responsive, courteous, knowledgeable, and a good person with high standards). Keep up the good work Steve, and thank you!

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Marina Medvin, Esq.

Seth Hipple is one of the smartest criminal defense lawyers that I know. He's absolutely brilliant. On top of that, he's hardworking, intuitive, and innovative. He's driven by the Constitution and delivers through his performance.

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Kari D.

Seth Hipple is an A+ attorney — highly competent and I highly recommend him. Attorney Martin is also incredibly helpful and knowledgeable (both have helped me and/or my company through a few disputes). 10/10 do recommend. If you’re looking for peace of mind and assertive action on your behalf, this is the law firm for you.

Our Area of Service

Located in Concord, the attorneys at Martin & Hipple proudly provide legal services to all of New Hampshire.

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