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last will and testament

Wills and Estate Planning

It ensures that your property goes to the people you care about, not to the state or to distant relatives. It reduces the risk of family turmoil, fighting over assets, guilt, and stress that goes along with closing up an estate. It is an important gift to your heirs and children and can help prevent the acrimony that the divvying of assets often creates.

In addition to a will, having a living will is also an important way to ensure you are treated how you desire to be treated when you can no longer speak for yourself. It also helps your family cope when you are on life support or otherwise incapacitated. It lets them know your wishes so that they do not have to bear the massive responsibility of guessing what you would have wanted. A durable power of attorney is a way to make sure your bills get paid and your responsibilities are managed if you cannot perform those tasks for some time.

These documents are really about creating certainty, which is invaluable during times of grief.

Having a will is important.

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